Freemind Ventures is a media collective committed to creating rich and empowering media vehicles. We believe that the inspired convergence of content and purpose in concert with dynamic channels, curriculum, and pro-social programs can ignite meaningful discourse and change.

Freemind’s content will thrive in the most diverse and eclectic environments, from Museums to college campuses, from multiplexes to correctional facilities, from grade schools to churches.

Freemind is a collaboration between a group of seasoned media enthusiasts. Each principal brings years of complimentary experience in media, marketing, production and pro-social endeavors.


THE BLACK LIST PROJECT is the pilot program to the ambitious and larger Freemind effort titled One Million Stories. As THE BLACK LIST collects the stories of some of our most noted African-American luminaries, One Million Stories will inspire and enable national youth organizations, local advocates, social groups and individuals of all ages and circumstances to tell their own stories, their own defining moments.

One Million Stories considers that as we each tell our own story, the subtle and seismic voice of each person’s narrative illuminates not just what makes us different...but what makes us the same.

Transforming Diversity into Unity

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